Make a List of Your Skills

Make a list of your skills. Write them on the “Match Your Skills to Occupations” exercise. There are different ways to look at your skills. Start your skill assessment by looking at these ways. Ask people close to you for feedback.

  • Transferrable skills: These are skills you transfer from one job to another. You can see a list of common transferrable skills on the next page. You can take an online skills assessment or talk to a career coach.
  • Personal skills: These are your personal traits. Maybe you are patient or organized. Maybe you are good with follow through. Maybe you are a creative thinker.
  • Occupational skills: These are skills that are required for an occupation. Welders need to work with special equipment. Nurses need to understand medical terms.

    Use the “Explore Careers” section of this guide to learn about occupations. The descriptions of occupations will list required skills. Ask your library about the Occupational Outlook Handbook for more information about occupations.