Explore Careers

The Explore Careers section will help you learn about occupations. Do you know what your skills, interests and work values are? Then you are ready to explore occupations. If not, refer back to Step 1: Assess Yourself section to find out more. You should know which occupations match your goals before you apply for jobs. Exploring careers will help you to find these occupations.

Why You Need to Explore Careers

  • You will find accurate information about your work options and places to work.
  • You will know what type of education or training you need.
  • You will learn how and where to apply for jobs.
  • You will make networking contacts who can help you when you're ready to look for work.
  • You will learn about trends in the job market that can affect your career planning.  

Career Exploration Resources

Career Planning ModelManage Your Career Create A Plan & Set Goals Expand Skills Explore Careers Assess Yourself Find A Job